Electronic Safe



Our safes are available with one of three different locking systems to meet the specific needs of any property. The locking systems include mechanical key operation only, keypad operation only, or combination keypad with magnetic card swipe. Further, the keypad and keypad/swipe locking systems are available with a manual key override option.


  • Programmable Personal Code Entry: Guests choose their own personal four-, five-, or six-digit code to lock/unlock the safe.
  • Illuminated Keypad: Makes it easy to read the numbers if safes are installed in closets.
  • Code Blocking: Built into the keypad, it provides an additional safety measure against unauthorized use. If someone tries to open the safe with an invalid pass code, the system will shut down for 15 minutes after three failed attempts.
  • Battery Override Unit: Allows access to the safe if the guest forgets the pass code or if a battery failure occurs, so no valuables are ever trapped inside the safe.
  • Electronic Master Key (Protected Master Code): Managers and security personnel each have a separate master code that allows them to unlock the safe.
  • One-Touch Battery Audit: Instantly obtain battery conditions by touching the # key on the digital keypad.
  • Quick-Access Battery Panel: Batteries are housed in a special slide panel inside the door for easy access. There is no need to remove the entire door cover to access the batteries.
  • Handheld Programmer (ECU): The electronic control unit (ECU) is an easy-to-use handheld unit that serves as a programmer and password-protected maintenance unit for all safes. It can be used to obtain an access audit trail and as an emergency unit to unlock the safe, if necessary.
  • 1/4 cold-rolled steel door
  • 3/4 diameter hardened steel locking bolts
  • 12-gauge steel case
  • Powder-coat finish