Wage overpayment, over or under-staffing, production inefficiencies, payroll errors...the costs can be hidden but significant. just look at the average costs that can be saved by implementing a Time and Attendance system.

Punctuality: An average figure of around 2hrs can be lost in lateness, breaks, early departure, cigarette breaks, and so on.

Payroll Errors: Between 0.5% and 5% of your payroll cost is accounted for by errors, which could be eliminated with a more efficient system.

Administration: You can lose 1 to 7 minutes per employee in auditing clock cards or time sheets, which can be saved through a streamlined automated system.

Manual time sheets: It's natural for people to round their timesheets when they complete them manually. Automation avoids this problem.

Sick Days: 40% of workers would think again if they knew their attendance was monitored, which reduces absence from sickness. How many sick days do you pay for?

Activity Monitoring: Some 640 hours per year are lost to inefficient workplace practices in an average manufacturing business. The advantage of monitoring, establishing and eliminating such inefficiencies is clear. 

Every business has different requirements for their Time & Attendance Solutions. No matter what your demands are - NEO HITECH provides the right solution! This starts with simple solutions for Time and Attendance up to integration into ERP systems. For this purpose, a wide range of terminals are available.