Hotel Management

The Virtual Manager for Hotels is a software designed to enhance the day-to-day transactions of a hotel, increase profit, minimize expenditure and improve customer services by increasing operational efficiency. It also boosts the organization and administration of the hotel by speeding up transactions and enforcing proper documentation and accountability.

TVM for hotels is a product of years of working with hotels and experience of men who have been in the hotel business for a considerable number of years.  Designed to enhance the day-to-day hotel transactions and improve hotel-customer services. It virtually checks your guests in and out of the hotel, and takes care of all their transactions during their stay.

TVM is user-friendly and has something for every department, from the Accounting department to Customer-service, from the Administrative department to the Reception and from Housekeeping to the Maintenance department.

It gives the senior management, sophisticated end-to-end views of the hotel so they can make more accurate business decisions. Unlike every other enterprise solution, it supports both strategic and tactical or operational decision making as it incorporate a data warehouse and a suite of online analytical processing tools. It breaks down the traditional separation between the stored history of guests and current real-time interactions, thereby enabling hotels to bring up the entire history of their transactions with a guest, and deliver it to the marketing decision-marker on the front-line. It allows you to concentrate on improving the quality of your services while it virtually runs your hotel. Despite being Standard, comprehensive and state-of-the-art, compared to other software designed for hotel management, it relatively is inexpensive as it pays for itself.

If you are a consultant or hotel owner, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our hotel management software.