Point of Sales

Over the years, Biz Edge Point of Sales software has brought world-class automation to retailers to tame the complexities of the business and simplify day-to-day operations. We have tested dozens of software offerings for each industry that we support and are proud to offer the most functional, easiest to use, most customizable and lowest cost software for each specific business. We believe that a Point of Sale Software should be an extension of your existing business processes. It should helps your business to be more secure, more efficient, and more profitable. In nearly any environment, the right POS Software will pay for itself in a matter of months by helping to eliminate inventory loss, theft and allowing your business to run more efficiently.




  • It operates on the principle of real-time transaction (records are always up to date)
  • It is secure, fraud and hack proof
  • It is user friendly
  • It controls every bit of your transactions and tracks stock records
  • By placing you on top of your task, it gives room for easy expansion
  • It is fast, accurate and efficient
  • It facilitates quick and easy access to information
  • All reports needed for decision-making are available at the click of a button
  • It automatically generates report for performance assessment
  • It provides an easy means for auditing
  • It incorporates an automatic backup facility.